5 ways to exercise if you hate exercise

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If lycra and excessive sweat is your personal idea of hell on earth, then Joe Gorman's 5 simple tips for getting active without really trying are definitely for you. Read on:

Exercise should be good for the mind as well as the body.

1. Start a social sports team 

If, like me, the idea of going to the gym fills you with dread, what better way to exercise than by playing social sport? Social sport is to exercise as the fruit is to the pavlova. Surrounded by the enjoyable stuff, you barely notice you’re actually consuming something that’s good for you. Starting a social sports team is a great way to keep fit while hanging out with friends and meeting new people. And it’s so much better than competitive sport because you can pick and choose the teams every week, all ages and both genders can play together, and it’s free. Exercise should be good for the mind as well as the body, and playing in a team is way more fun than pounding away on the treadmill with your earphones plugged in. 

A pavlova

2. Walk to work/school 

This is an easy one. Wake up a little earlier, and instead of catching the bus or the train to work, just walk. Yes, it might be a little more effort, but walking is good for you in many different ways. It’s good for your health, it allows you to slow down and take notice of your surrounds, and if you’re stuck inside all day, it’s a nice change from staring at your computer or your smartphone.

Man doing a silly walk

3. Run to your transport 

Can’t wake up early enough to walk to work? Live too far away? Sometimes it’s impossible to walk everywhere, but that doesn’t need to stop your exercise routine. Ever tried sprinting to your preferred mode of transport? 

running for the bus batman and robin

4. Offer to help carry things (and help build your biceps) 

Maybe you don’t enjoy lifting weights? They’re too heavy, and the people who lift weights in the gym are generally already huge and muscular. Next to them, you’d look silly. Well, a good way to exercise your arm muscles and help a friend (or a stranger at the supermarket) is to offer to help them carry their stuff. They’ll appreciate the help, and slowly but surely, you’ll build those biceps and triceps without the gym work. Slow and steady. 

a guy carrying someone like a princess

5. Dance 

What better way to exercise than to dance. Go out to a club, or a friend’s party, put your favourite music on, and get down to the music. My top tip is Kool and the Gang’s Get Down On It, or Rick James’ Ghetto Life, two songs that are guaranteed to get you moving. If, like me, you have no rhythm, this might need to be done in the privacy of your own place.

two guys dancing

That GIF tho. You're welcome.

Last reviewed: 22 April, 2015
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