7 things I spent my rent money on instead of rent

When money’s tight, spending a huge chunk of your funds on rent is a total drag. Who needs a roof over their head when there are cheap flights going to Bali, am I right? Thankfully, with a bit of forward planning you can have it all.


There are some pretty awesome contraptions making the rounds at the moment. Did you know 3D printers are actually a thing now? Not to mention smart phones and gaming consoles and laptops and GoPros and all that other expensive, cool stuff. It’s tempting to splurge on these items the second they hit the shelves, but it’s a good idea to try to buy it on layby or just hang on until you’ve got enough savings to afford it. All this fancy new technology sure isn’t going anywhere (enter iPhone 26). 

Birthday presents

Birthday presents are a huge culprit for draining the ol’ bank account, especially when they come around in groups of 3 or 4. The good news? With a bit of forward planning you can leave yourself enough time to make nice, homemade gifts or rummage through some garage sales instead of forking out a small fortune. There are loads of different presents you can make, from furniture, to jewellery, to cupcakes! Check out some inspiration to get your creative juices flowing.

A holiday

We get it. There were cheap flights. You had to book the holiday. Vanuatu’s bright, blue sea isn’t going to swim in itself. Not to mention holidays are a super important part of taking time out and looking after yourself. In order to avoid spending all your rent money on a holiday, put aside five or ten bucks a week so that when the cheap deals roll around you can book them AND keep a roof over your head. Double win.


Booze is one of the biggest money suckers, and it will never cease to be amazing how one beer can magically turn into five. Don’t try to blame it on the beer monkeys who came and stole your money – instead, check out some tips to help you manage how much you drink so that you can stay over budget even when you’re under the influence.


We come up with all sorts of justifications to make ourselves feel less guilty about buying a 24th pair of black jeans. It can be particularly tempting to go out and buy a dashing, new outfit when a special occasion is coming up. At the end of the day, though, how important are clothes really? Next time you feel the need to buy some clothes, ask yourself whether you really need them, whether you’re going to wear them more than once, and whether you have any mates with something that you could borrow instead. Then remind yourself that if you spend this money you might not eat for two days and let’s be honest – no pair of pants is worth that.


Getting from A to B feels like a really boring way to throw away your hard earned cash, but unfortunately it’s just one of those expenses that you can’t escape… or can you? If your commute is relatively short, give cycling a go, or even go by foot. That way you’re exercising AND getting around for free. Two birds with one stone, anyone?

Concerts/shows/exhibits/fun outings

We’ve all got that one band or artist who means more to us than one of our own kidneys. Thankfully, if you follow some simple steps, you won’t need to dish out all of your rent money to buy a ticket to their show (or sell your kidney on the black market. Phew). Step one: open a savings account at the bank. Step two: put money into it regularly. Step three: don’t touch! Ta-da – you now have a nest egg. 

Last reviewed: 12 August, 2015
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