9 things to avoid doing when meeting new people

The ReachOut.com Crew tries hard to keep cool but sometimes we just fail. Here are some of our least favourite awkward moments inspired from personal experience. Let this be a lesson to you of what you should go to great lengths to avoid when meeting someone for the first time!

trendy friends hanging out
Sometimes it’s a good idea to think things through before blurting them out.

1. When habit takes over and you accidentally finish a phone conversation in the same way you would with a family member. Note to self: refrain from telling colleagues and acquaintances that you love them.

2. When they go for a handshake but you’re holding something, so you put out the wrong hand to shake hands with them and you end up weirdly holding hands for a few seconds. Handshakes gone wrong are incredibly awkward but hugely hilarious for onlookers:

John Mayer and Kanye have an awkward handshake

3. When you aren’t really paying attention and end up looking far too interested in how they are doing:

You: “Hey, how are you?”

Them: “Good thanks, how are you?”

You: “Pretty good thanks, and you?

4. When you are introduced to someone while you have a mouth full of food and you all have to wait awkwardly until you finish your mouthful before you can greet them.

Amanda Bynes eating with mouth open

5.  When you accidentally trigger an explosion of self-doubt and uncertainty in someone you’ve just met by telling them that they are very different to how you imagined them to be.

6.  When you meet a friend of a friend and tell them that you remember hearing a lot about them, only to then remember that they are all awkward stories about how they went to a party and lost their pants. We’ve learned that sometimes it’s a good idea to think things through before blurting them out.

7.    When you accidentally lock lips with your European friend’s mum because you’re not used to their double-kiss greeting ritual.

woman kissing man awkwardly

8. When you lie to make a good impression and they immediately catch you out. For example, when you pretend to have seen their favourite movie and you haven’t even heard of it before:

Them: “What was your favourite part?!”

You: “...I liked all of it. Especially the middle bit.”

9. When you introduce yourself to someone who you’ve actually met before. Twice. 

Have you had any awkward experiences when meeting new people? Leave a comment below and share them so that we feel better about our extensive collection.

Last reviewed: 12 August, 2015
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  • Lightuptheworld    (1428 days ago)

    Haha! :P Agreed with Doni99- rather epic and amusing list. :P One thing I tend to do is forget their name!

  • Doni99    (1430 days ago)

    LOL epic!