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Going through a tough time?

ReachOut NextStep can:
1. Help you work out what's going on
2. Provide personalised support recommendations


Not sure on the details, and want to know more about how the SMS Tips tool works? Get answers to some of the most frequently asked questions here.

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Will it cost me anything?

No. Nope. Never. pays for all the text messages sent, it’s our service to you guys. We don’t ever charge. 

How do I unsubscribe?

Each campaign finishes after 14 days. If you want to unsubscribe earlier, there are two ways to do it:

  1. Reply with the word STOP to any of the text messages you receive. This will unsubscribe you from ALL of the SMS campaign you are subscribed to.

  2. Return to this page and de-select the SMS campaign you no longer want to receive. Be sure to save your preferences when you’re done. 

Can I respond to the messages?

Except for the word STOP to unsubscribe, you cannot respond to any of our text messages. If you need information, you can contact us using the contact page.

If you need help in a crisis or just need to talk over something that’s going on in your life, check out our help services page which has contact details for anonymous, confidential, 24/7 services that you can contact.

If it’s not a crisis but you’re looking for other things you can do to get through tough situations or to improve your life, check out some of the fact sheets and forum threads. 

What time will the messages arrive?

Our SMS messages are set to go out at 4:30 pm AEST each day. Obviously, for people in different parts of Australia this time will be different, but you should expect them in the afternoon, and not late at night or in the early morning. If you do receive them at bizarre or annoying hours, let us know! 

The text message was cut off – what happened?

Sometimes things go wrong. It’s annoying, we know. If you let us know about it using our contact page, we’ll get in there and tinker around until we’ve figured out the problem, and we’ll let you know the big secret of what it was supposed to say. 

I haven’t received any messages – what’s going on?

Don't forget, each campaign ends after 14 days! Wouldn't it suck if we just kept sending you messages for ever and ever and ever... Plus, we just aren't creative enough to come up with an unlimited bank of stuff to send you.

If it's been less than 14 days, then in technical terms - something aint right. Get into the contact page and let us know about it, so we can figure out whether it’s you, us, or the system. Then we can start tinkering and fixing as soon as possible! 

I think these messages could be better – can I make suggestions?

We’re always up for suggestions! The tips we put together usually come from other young people, based on their experience of what works. So we’d love yours!

We have a feedback thread on the forums which is all about that kind of stuff – head over there and post a suggestion. 

Will my number be used for anything else?

No way. We believe in privacy at, and we hate it when people send us messages we didn’t ask for. So we’ll never send you messages you didn’t subscribe to, and we’ve given you two ways to unsubscribe. If you get a message you didn’t ask for, text STOP to the number, and send us an email via the contact page to let us know.