What is ReachOut.com?

ReachOut.com is Australia’s leading online youth mental health service, where you can get the help you need, where and when you need it. Every year ReachOut.com helps hundreds of thousands of people under 25 tackle everything from finding motivation to getting through really tough times. You can access ReachOut.com no matter where you are, with tools and tips for making everyday life a little easier. It’s the perfect place to start if you don’t know where to look. 

What's on ReachOut.com?

On ReachOut.com you can find:

Factsheets, stories and videos that help you recognise when a little problem might be becoming a big one, and give you tips on what to do if you’re feeling out of your depth. 

Information on mental health issues, everyday life problems and what to do about them (and where to go if you can’t beat it on your own) 

Guides, tools and apps to help you build on your strengths, develop some new skills or just generally sort stuff out. 

Forums where you can connect with other young people who have been there before, chat to experts and share your tips for health and wellbeing.

Who’s behind ReachOut.com

ReachOut.com by Inspire Foundation  is the organisation behind the website; we’re an Australian non-profit with a mission to help young people lead happier lives. Everything on ReachOut.com is created in partnership with experts and young people, so you can be sure to find stuff that’s not only evidence-based, but also relevant to you. For more info check out ‘Who is behind ReachOut.com?’

Our history

ReachOut.com by Inspire Foundation 1996-2013. In 1996, the Inspire Foundation was founded by Jack Heath

1997, Triple J Real Appeal raised $180k for launch of ReachOut.com. 1998 ReachOut.com launched. 1999 first Youth Advisory Board established. 2000 Corners for Kids fundraising

2001 Four Bean Bag (tech) Centres opened. 2002 Our Youth Ambassadors met the Dalai Lama. 2003 Reach Out Rural and Regional Tour reached 38k Young poeple.

2003 ReachOut.com relaunched. 2004 Ingrid Sorenson, ReachOut.com Youth Ambassador, carries the Olympic Torch. 2005 1st Version ReachOut Central, online game, launched.

2006. 10 years of ReachOut.com celebrated at Sydney Opera House. 2007 we counted 7.3 million unique visits since launch. 2008 LIFE award for research into internet as setting for mental health promotion

 2009 ReachOut! rebranded to ReachOut.com. 2010 Inspire Foundation led bid for establishment of Young and Well Cooperative Research Centre. 2011 Facebook 'stealth' campaign reaches thousands online

2012 Latest ReachOut.com launched, mobile optimised, youth driven, localised content. 2013 celebrated our 15th Birthday, launched The Sorter app and redeveloped ReachOut.com Professionals