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Ashley, who was born as Adam, has really early memories of feeling different but not being able to put her finger on what exactly that meant. Join her as she discusses coming to terms with those feelings, and all of the things she's learnt along the way.

I wish I knew it was OK to be trans.
Together with ACON, worked with a bunch of talented filmmakers and storytellers to produce 5 digital stories. Our storytellers share their own experiences in coming to terms with their sexuality and/or gender, and what they wish they knew then, that they know now. These stories present a picture of diversity, strength and resilience, with the aim of supporting LGBTIQ people who may be going through something similar.

About the filmmaker

Emerging director Lily Rolfe has been working in the Australian film industry in various positions behind the scenes, since graduating from high school in 2006. Lily began directing in 2011 and already has 3 short films under her belt. In this short time she has already worked with actors such as Bruce Spence, Heather Mitchell, Anna McGahan and Alex Williams, as well as other leading industry professionals. Her film GINGERS was screened on SBS in 2013 and CENSUS at Flickerfest. THE TENDER DARK, Lily’s latest short film, was funded by Screen NSW EFF program in 2013 and will premiere later this year.

She became involved in this project because she believe there needs to be more positive stories told about transgender people in our world. The more content available the faster society will become accepting, so that eventually transphobia will be a thing of the past.

Have a look at some of Lily's other work.

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Last reviewed: 15 May, 2014
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