Attack of The Procrastinator!

Video By: Zac BennZac Benn

Procrastination can be a really big and annoying obstacle when you're trying to get stuff done. Film Crew member Zac shares some ideas for how to tackle The Procrastinator and beat procrastination once and for all.

Half the battle is right in front of you.

The Internet is great, and we love technology. However, if it's exam season and you've got heaps of stuff to get done, these things usually end up getting in the way. It can be really hard to study productively when you're surrounded by distractions, so it's important to know when to put them to the side. Film Crew member Zac has made a video to share some of his handy tips to beat procrastination and stay on track.

About the filmmaker

18 year old South Australian, Zac Benn, is currently in his second year studying Film and Television at UniSA. He loves film and loves how something so simple can convey such important stories and messages to support any cause. Zac can't wait to push this as part of the ReachOut Film Crew this year.

Breathe and WorryTime

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Last reviewed: 08 October, 2015
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