Besting bullies

Being bullied can lead you to breaking point, but it doesn't have to. Learn how one guy refused to let it bring him down.

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The first time going to professional treatment was hard and uncomfortable, but after a while I liked going there because it helped. And I felt like I was doing something to help myself.

My story truly began when I was fifteen. I attended a rich Catholic all boys school in inner Brisbane. This is where my life began. Up until then, life seemed very easy to me, I had been an achiever in primary school had many friends. When I began high school, this all came to an end and I began the hardest struggle I've ever known. I was new to the all-boys school environment and didn't know of its harsh pecking hierarchy. I was bullied from pretty much the first day I started. It wasn't really a problem until year 10 when I no longer enjoyed going to school. I had a few enemies, but the worst were closest to the heart, in my own peer group.

After a long time being bullied by year 11 I was unable to study, unable to sleep and drowning in my own doom. I distinctly remember one night I was so scared and frightened I was crying in the shower silently at 3 am, trying not to wake up my parents. I had no idea what was happening to me at the time, it was something I had never experienced, pure emotional hell. For months I kept going to school surviving it hour by hour, and gradually my situation worsened. I was nose diving into a deep dark hole of depression. I became so depressed that when I attended my year 12 formal, I actively attempted suicide by consuming an incredible amount of alcoholic spirits. I can remember sitting down trying to stay conscious trying to make myself vomit as well as keep breathing. I did lose consciousness but I was incredibly lucky and recovered the next day without any organ damage. It was the day after that I knew something was terribly wrong with me.

Getting help

I continued to get bullied and I sought some professional help during year 12. At first I felt very embarrassed and like I was a complete fruit cake - like I labelled myself a special 'ed' kid or something. I thought to myself 'how could a kid so well off be so pathetic?' Especially being a guy, we aren't meant to have any problems emotionally. The first time going to professional treatment was hard and uncomfortable, but after a while I liked going there because it helped. And I felt like I was doing something to help myself.

I found the best help I got was from regular visits to my local GP. He and I went through it all and I told him everything. Just having someone to tell you that everything's going to be alright was what I think helped me the most. I went through one or two therapists before I found the one I liked the best. She and I worked through some stuff that I hadn't talked about with anyone and this really helped. I did take some antidepressant medication for a while and these did help, but only in a minor way in my case. I found them helpful when I was extremely upset and feeling a bit out of control, but they didn't work for me in the long run. Nevertheless they were an asset in my recovery.

I am currently doing a few activities and getting back into life. I do Taekwondo and I attend a self help group in the city. This mid-year I am starting study at TAFE to become a Social Worker. One day I would like to become a Mental Health Professional. I want to be like the people that helped me. Saving the lives of young people that have a full life time ahead of them filled with never ending joy, fortune, love, and everything that life has to offer.

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Last reviewed: 04 November, 2016
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  • cat93    (385 days ago)

    when I was in year 9 I got verbally and physically bullied, I did tell one of my teachers about it but just got told I was the "trouble maker" when I wasn't. I hated going to school I ended up missing a lot of days, eventually I moved but sadly the bully got away with it and now i need Major surgery on my hip!