Breaking up is hard to do

She found out that the end of a relationship is not the end of the world, but the beginning.

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…we can't live our lives with a negative attitude.. know what we can choose? Our attitude towards life.
You know the saying 'When one door closes another door opens' or 'A blessing in disguise'? I honestly wasn't too sure what that meant until one terrible moment in my life was the best thing that could happen to me. Out of all the relationships I've had, only one really broke my heart when it ended. That was because I had completely let my guard down and opened my heart and, for once in my life, I fully trusted in someone. That's the thing with humans though, depending too much on them will get you disappointed and I guess this time around I was blinded. We hadn't been dating for that long but the relationship meant so much to me because it felt so real and genuine.

The whole thing completely crashed when one of my friends called me up asking if we were still together and said she saw a Facebook photo of him and another girl. I don't really trust Facebook so I went on the page and read the comments and just thought it was a joke and I confronted him and he denied it. I then decided to email the woman asking her what was going on and she told me they were together. My heart broke and everything seemed to crash on me and what I feared the most was happening. I broke up with him that day and he had no explanation, no apology, nothing and what was worse than him breaking my heart is him not feeling bad about it. I had no closure.


I was sad for a while but I didn't want anyone to see this so I lied, I smiled, I laughed but when I was alone everything would come back and haunt me. I hadn't been working for a while and a couple of weeks later I had a job and I had met this amazing guy but since I had lost my trust in guys I put him in the friend zone and we got to know each other in time. I started to soften my heart and see that people are not perfect and people will disappoint you but that I just need to choose my attitude, do I want to be sad for the rest of my life?

A year later, me and the amazing guy are still together and it is a long distance relationship which requires a lot of patience and trust and thanks to my ex-boyfriend I am happier than I've ever been and I didn't need his apology or any closure. I just had to take time to move past it and take it as a lesson and just forgive him not for his sake but for mine. Funnily enough a year or so later we talked and he apologised for treating me wrong.

Anyway moral of the story is when one door closes another door opens and take the initiative to better your life by letting go, forgiving and not trying to make anyone perfect. Relationships are hard and if it doesn't work, take it as a sign that somewhere out there, someone better will come in your life. People are shocking, they will upset you and disappoint you even if they say they won't. But we can't live our lives with a negative attitude because you know what we can choose? Our attitude towards life.
Last reviewed: 16 April, 2015
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