Culturally diverse LGBTQI support services

Wondering what support is available for LGBTQI young people from diverse backgrounds? There are a growing number of events that celebrate cultural diversity within the LGBTQI community, and support services run by and for queer youth from cultural, ethnic and religious minorities. You can find these events and organisations nationally, or in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia, Northern Territory, Tasmania and the Australian Capital Territory.

This may help if:

  • You come from a culturally diverse background
  • You are questioning your sexuality and/or gender
  • You identify as LGBTQI
  • You feel isolated and alone 

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  • Australian GLBTIQ Multicultural Council is the peak body for non-heterosexual individuals of colour. Their website raises awareness about upcoming LGBTQI events from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. 
  • A-Men is an online social group for gay Asian men living in Australia. Their online magazine explores art, sexuality and cultural identity. 
  • Queer Muslims in Australia is a Yahoo group that provides a safe online space for LGBTQI Muslims to connect and express and/or come to terms with their faith and sexuality.

New South Wales

  • Dayenu offers support, resources and social activities for Jewish LGBTQI people, their friends and family. Check out their Yahoo and Facebook page for more info. 
  • Trikone Australasia connects LGBTQI South Asians living in Sydney by holding rad events like cultural nights, film festivals and Bollywood dance parties. 


  • Greek and Gay Support Network provides support services and hosts fun events for Hellenic LGBT individuals and their friends. Check out their Facebook page for more info. 
  • Marhaba is a social group that allows for queer Muslims to socialize, discuss and reconcile religion and sexuality. For more info send them an email on, or visit their Twitter page. 
  • Yellow Kitties hosts fun events like badminton, rock-climbing, karaoke, anime and movie marathons for Asian LBTQI women. 
  • Helem exists to meet the needs of LGBTQI people from Arab communities in Melbourne. 
  • Aleph is a group that supports non-heterosexuals of Jewish heritage in Melbourne. 


  • Rainbow Bridge is a website that provides information, resources and stories about living in Queensland as an LGBTQI person from a culturally diverse background. 
  • Brisbane Queer Film Festival is an annual event that showcases queer world cinema and celebrates diversity in the international LGBTQI community. 

South Australia

  • Feast Festival is South Australia’s largest LGBTQI cultural festival and attracts both performers and visitors from across the globe. 
  • Rainbow Family Tree is a digital storytelling community comprised of queer individuals who creatively explore their multiple identities.

Western Australia 

  • PRIDEFEST annually showcases an array of performance and arts events to highlight the inclusion and diversity within Perth’s queer community. 
  • Youthline WA is a phone service, run by the Samaritans, which offers nonjudgmental, culturally sensitive support for youth in despair. You can contact them on: 1800 198 313.

Northern Territory

  • Alice Pride is a social support group that holds fun events like workshops and dance parties for queer youth in Alice Springs.


  • QueerTas is a Yahoo group that provides a platform for LGBTQI Tasmanians to promote upcoming events and support services in the state.
  • The Link Youth Health Service offers a safe, friendly environment to chat about health issues. Their Open Access Area allows youth to drop by and access a washing machine, dryer and shower, and pick up hygiene items (e.g. shampoo, tampons) or condoms and lube. 

Australian Capital Territory (ACT)

  • SpringOUT is an annual cultural festival that celebrates the diversity within LGBTQI communities.

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Last reviewed: 21 August, 2015
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