Dealing with problems in class

The classroom can be a difficult place, especially if you're not finding the work easy. There are ways to get extra help to make you better at particular subjects. You can also find ways to deal with teachers you don't like. Having someone who understands where you're coming from can be a real help too.

This could be useful if you:

  • Are not enjoying school, or a certain class 
  • Are finding it difficult to keep up with course material
  • Don't like a certain teacher
  • Feel that you're being treated unfairly
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Dealing with school

Some people love school. Some people don't. And most have their good and bad days. There are a lot of things that can affect how school goes for you, and there are ways to deal with most of them.

Keeping up

People are good at different things. Some people can't write quickly and easily, but can take a car apart blindfolded. Others are great at essays, but hate dealing with numbers – it's just the way people are. Things you can do to keep up in classes you find difficult are:

  • Get help, whether it's from a teacher, another student, a private tutor or just someone you know.
  • Dedicate more time to it. Getting through this class in the short-term means you never have to take it again.
  • Put it in perspective. It's a class. It's not life, and not being good at whatever the subject is doesn't mean you haven't got heaps of other skills.

Dealing with teachers

Remember that teachers are people too. Just as you don't get along with some other students, you won't like every teacher you come across. And that's fine. If there's a teacher who's giving you a hard time and you can't get through to them, you could ask another teacher or a school counsellor to speak to them for you. If you feel you've done all you can and a teacher isn't treating you fairly, you can make a complaint to your principal.

Talk to an ally

School (or a particular class) can be a difficult place to be if you run into problems like these. Having someone who understands what you're unhappy about can really help. It could be a friend, counsellor, a teacher you like, or a member of your family. Whoever it is, they can give you some perspective and advice about how to get through. They might also be able to help you tackle things that are making it hard, like learning difficulties.

What can I do now?

Last reviewed: 24 August, 2015
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