Failure is just a detour

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There are many paths to the same destination. This is the story of a girl who took a slight detour on her way to the university course of her dreams.

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…there was another way I could get into Uni.
It was judgement day, the day I found out my score to get into uni. I did everything I could to avoid being at home when the post arrived. But procrastinating didn't make the time go any faster. All the expectations of my parents, friends, school and myself had an impact on how I was feeling at that moment. Terrified.

I opened the envelope and didn't get a fantastic score. I threw the piece of paper I thought said I was a failure on the floor, pushed over the chair that stood in my way, burst into tears and ran up into my room. I didn't want to talk to anyone. I saw how disappointed my family was looking at me, but I don't think they knew how disappointed I was.

All hope was gone

All hope of getting into uni had been blown out the window. I felt as if I had to get a job and work for the rest of my life without a good education. Everyone always told me I wouldn't get anywhere without a degree and that piece of paper. I felt I couldn't get into uni with my score.

About two days after the envelope was opened I had emerged from my room. My dad sat down with me and told me there was another way I could get into Uni. I didn't believe him, getting my results made me feel like crap - like a loser. I was comparing myself to my friends.

I explained to my dad that I felt I had let him down, he always told me that he wanted his only daughter to go to uni as well, not just his sons. I felt like I had let down my biggest fan and the person I admire the most.

Another way

So when Dad told me of the other option of doing a Bachelor of Arts first, then upgrading into my desired course, I resisted. It wasn't what I wanted and I told my dad that I would prefer to work than do a course I didn't want to do.

Dad let me think it over and I researched the degree. Some of the course did interest me and there was a very good possibility at the end of the year to get into what I wanted to do.

So I changed my preferences and at 1:30 in the morning, I rang up the hotline to find out if I got into uni, and I did! This year I will complete my original choice of degree after changing over from the Bachelor of Arts a few years later. I will be in the first group of graduates to have ever completed the degree.

My dad was there to help me and reassure me along the way. He gave me his knowledge and his belief in me - that I could achieve if I wanted to. By finishing my degree I have proved to myself that I can achieve anything I set out to do.

Have you taken a similar detour around failure?

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Last reviewed: 12 August, 2015
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  • gail    (1414 days ago)

    Hey Doni99, Yep, there's loads of different ways to get to where we want to - even if they might not be the most obvious path at the time! You're definitely not a loser - keep going, and you'll get where you want to :) Gail

  • Doni99    (1419 days ago)

    Wow, good on the girl! :D I am happy for her! We are not losersssss!