Fun with goal setting

Frankly, our goals don't just have to involve ‘serious stuff’. It’s intimidating to always think about the 'bigger picture'. Try starting small and working your way up. Your goals might seem meaningless or funny, but don’t worry. The truth is, achieving them will still make you feel pretty great - and that's always a prize worth winning.

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Life goals? No thanks.

Yep, we’ve all been there. You’re at one end of the table with your arms folded tightly across your chest. Your parents are at the other, or maybe it’s a careers advisor, or even that teacher who’s taken a weird shine. Whoever it is, they’ve just asked you what your life goals are, and all you’re thinking is - I’ve blinked 27 times in under 10 seconds. Instead of admitting this, you offer them a well practiced shrug; one of your finest. However, this only makes them utter strange words like career, future and university. It’s like they’re speaking another language. Bored, you go back to the blinking thing - is blinking 40 times a worthwhile life achievement?

The excellent kind of goal setting

If you’re going to make one resolution in 2014, it’s time to do away with the belief that goals have to be serious to be worthwhile, and instead embrace the random, fun, hilarious achievements you could be making in life. Here are some goal suggestions to get the ball rolling: 

  • Learn one good story to tell at parties
Having a cracking story up your sleeve makes for great conversation. Our brains are actually hardwired to enjoy them. Say someone recounts in delicious detail how succulent their chicken shnitty was last night, the sensory part of our brain automatically lights up. Cheers science. After you’ve nailed one story, work on another.

  • See how long you can go without Facebook
Ahhh Facebook, the ultimate distraction. Who knows what wonders you might achieve if you strip your eyes away from that addictive blue ‘F’. Maybe you’ll stop stalking your crush and actually talk to them for reals? 

  • Watch the Lord of the Rings trilogy in one sitting
Anyone who can do this deserves a medal. It shows some pretty next-level commitment. Seriously, it’s over 11 hours screen time. That’s more than a days work. Do this and you’ll be an instant Gandalf amongst your friends (minus the beard perhaps).
  • Create a blog
Represent your passion on a blog. Perhaps ranting about bad airline food is your thing? Photography maybe? Either way, the Internet is full of easy blogging sites like Tumblr and Wordpress. Try and post something every week. You may end up getting a few fans.
  • Train to run the city2surf in a penguin onesie
Not only does this require you to get fit, but it also calls for enormous amounts of courage. Wearing a penguin onesie is no walk in the park. Train a little everyday until you’re confident you can do it. Even if you’re struggling, the booming applause you’ll get will push you over the finish line. 

  • Go a full day without spending any money
This is a tough one. It may require you to stock up on food like you’re bracing for the apocalypse. Leaving the house could be your ultimate downfall. However, after a day of being the world’s greatest cheapskate, managing your future cash flow may be a little easier. 

  • Break a food record
Too long has that ridiculously giant man with the moustache gone unchallenged. Find a local food record and smash it. Seeing your name on the wall will make you feel that little bit prouder.  

Start small

So, thinking big can often feel overwhelming. That’s totally normal. Thinking small, on the other hand, can help you achieve some amazing things. Setting goals that you think you’ll really enjoy is important. After this, tackling the big ones mightn't seem so hard.

What can I do now?

Last reviewed: 04 September, 2015
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