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Story By: Daniel Daniel

Daniel couldn't concentrate in class, and thought he was going to mess up his final year of high school. Turns out all he needed was a break.

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It really made me feel better once I talked to someone about what troubled me.
I'm not sure about other states, but here in NSW you basically start year 12 work at the end of year 11. So basically you start working on your major works, assessment tasks etc. that actually contribute to your final mark (which can be quite scary to some).

It was really hot last year, I remember it clearly because it was hard to concentrate doing anything, let alone class work. I also remember a lot of people (especially the girls) panicking because "it's the real thing".

Not taking anything in

I didn't realise it at first, but I wasn't taking in anything in class, it was starting to get really difficult for me. It was really hard for me in two subjects because I suddenly stopped understanding what the hell was going on, after 3 terms of cruising through them at a fairly good pace.

I'm pretty sure I burnt out, meaning I just couldn't take in any more information, the pace suddenly picked up dramatically and everyone was nervous about the fact we were doing Year 12 works now. Year 11 for me was busy enough, I had a lot of school work, I did 7 subjects and I had a lot of external pressures as well, parents arguing and other personal issues.

Good advice

I really started to panic at mid-term, because the situation for me was worsening, and I thought it would reverse itself, but it didn't. I had a chat to my year advisor, who gave me some good advice, she also told me to see the school counsellor, which I reluctantly did.

The counsellor explained to me that there are a lot of options for people, such as special provisions for exams, temporary accommodation if someone needs a break from the home environment. She also explained to me that there are many other options available, too many to list. It really made me feel better once I talked to someone about what troubled me.

A break

The school term (and year) finished about a week or two after I had a chat to her, the long school holidays started, and that's what I really only needed, a long break from school.

When I got back in February, I was back to my old self, I felt completely refreshed and I didn't feel so nervous or depressed about school anymore. I didn't realise it but I *really* needed a break and someone to talk to!

It gave me a better perspective on things and it's so much better to tell someone what's bothering you. I'm someone who tends to bottle things up, but for me it really feels good when I have someone to talk to - it's what helped me.

Last reviewed: 16 February, 2014
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