How to: Rock festival season

What do you get when you take a shortage of toilets, a bunch of famous musicians, and thousands of young people, and put them all together in a field? That’s right – summer is festival season. Festivals are lots of fun but also pretty chaotic – follow some simple steps to stay out of trouble and make sure your festival is the bestival.

Read on if:

  • You’ve got plans to go to a festival and want to maximise the fun times
  • You’ve seen the bad stuff that can happen at a festival and want to avoid it
  • You want some tips to improve your festival experience from last time
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How to make sure your festival is the bestival

Whether or not you’re a seasoned festival-goer, the following tips will make sure you get the most out of your day:


  • Take a secure bag with a zip. Festivals become a lot less fun when you end up looking around for a lost iPhone or house keys all day.

  • Organise a meeting place with your mates in case you get lost in the sea of people during the day - phones can do a lot, but they don’t have a never-ending battery supply, and sometimes the network even gets overloaded (shock-horror)!

  • Lather up with sunscreen (even if it looks cloudy) - you can get these in travel bottles now if you don't want to drag around a big bottle.

  • A plastic water bottle (although at some festivals they won't let you bring in food or containers). Even if you don’t feel particularly thirsty, keep up your water intake throughout the day.

  • A hat and sunnies. Because nothing is fun when you’re bright red and peeling.

  • A rain poncho - the weather can change really quickly and a poncho takes up hardly any room in your bag. Also, we heard it on the grapevine that ponchos are making a comeback.

  • A roll of toilet paper or tissue pack. The toilets will be gross enough; the least you could do is go prepared.

  • Some good, solid shoes. But don’t wear any of your favourite shoes because they will probably be a muddy mess by the end of the day. 

  • Cashola, as there's often an extra charge to pay by card. Make sure it’s stored somewhere safe.

  • A copy of the line up so you don’t miss out on your favourite acts.

  • A map of the venue. It seems simple enough to find your way through a big, ol’ field, but it’s a lot more complicated than it sounds.

If you get into trouble

If you or your friend are worried that you’ve have drunk too much or overdosed on something, it is really important that you let someone know - there are usually St Johns Ambulance stands or other medical services around to help with this kind of thing.

What can I do now?

Last reviewed: 06 August, 2015
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