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How to talk about mental health

Aerial view of skater boy'You never know whose life you may be saving.'

Tough times are a normal part of life, but many young people don't have the info, skills or support they need to get through them. Instead these tough times can leave them feeling overwhelmed, alone and powerless to change their lives.

While youth suicide rates have declined by 56% since 1997, suicide remains the leading cause of death among young people aged 14 -25, ahead of road and traffic accidents. research tells us that only 30% of the young people who need professional help with their mental health get any kind of help at all. This means that 70% of young people who need support and information are left to try and figure out their happiness, wellbeing, and health for themselves.

Some important statistics

  • One in four young Australians lives with a mental illness.
  • 75% of mental illness begins before the age of 25.
  • The monetary cost of mental illness in young people is over $10billion.
In an Australian Year 12 classroom (with an average of thirty students):
  • seven young people will have experienced a recognised mental health difficulty
  • of these seven, only two will have sought professional help
  • at least one person will have attempted suicide.