Losing your virginity

Video By: Zachary BennZachary Benn

Losing your virginity can be exciting, terrifying or anything in between. Get the facts on having sex for the first time to feel a bit more at ease.

The first time can seem like one of the freakiest times of your life.

When you think about losing your virginity, there will probably be a million thoughts racing through your mind. There are lots of different reasons for choosing to have sex for the first time. When you do make the call, it's important to have all your facts straight so that the experience of losing your virginity can be as safe and positive as possible.

About the Filmmaker

18 year old South Australian, Zac Benn, is currently in his second year studying Film and Television at UniSA. He loves film and loves how something so simple can convey such important stories and messages to support any cause. Zac can't wait to push this as part of the ReachOut Film Crew this year.

Last reviewed: 12 August, 2015
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