Managing your time

The amount of work you get at school or uni can seem unmanageable, but there are tools and tactics you can use to plan your time. If you set goals, make planswrite notes, limit distractions, make time to chill and get help when you need it, you can get everything done.

This will be useful if you:

  • Are finding your study load difficult 
  • Have trouble finding time to study 
  • Feel anxious or nervous about how much you have to do 
  • Sometimes get caught unawares by looming deadlines 
  • Want to get help planning your time
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So little time...

If you're studying, every teacher, tutor or lecturer you have will assume that you've got nothing better to do than study for their class, despite knowing you have other classes. It can sometimes seem like there's not enough time to do it all, but there are tools you can use to plan your time effectively.

Make plans, score goals

Set out a list of what you want to achieve, and for each item, write down what you'll need to do. Make it manageable and achievable. The idea is not to freak yourself out, but to chart a course to where you want to be. As you work through the list, you'll see yourself approaching and reaching your goals.

Write it down

Write down appointments, notes and ideas in a diary or notebook, and use a wall planner so that important dates (or just planned fun times) don't pass you by.

Limit distractions

The internet is pretty great, right? We agree. But with instant messaging, social networks and email, it provides a heap of ways to procrastinate and distract yourself. Limit your time chatting and fooling about to your breaks, and shut down these distractions while you're studying. The same goes for talking and messaging on your phone. You'll get a lot more done.

Take breaks

If you plan study into every single minute you've got, you'll probably end up stressed and unhappy. Make sure you've got time to do things you like that relax you. Whether it's sports, video games, music or anything else, don't let it go just because you're studying.

If you need help, get it

Time-management is a skill. Like any skill, some people are better at it than others. If you're struggling with it, talk to someone who can help – teachers, friends, family, lecturers and counsellors.

What can I do now?

  • Break your workload into manageable steps, don’t try and look too far ahead.
  • Work on your problem solving skills.
  • Remember to take time out for relaxation and fun.
Last reviewed: 24 August, 2015
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