Marcus wants to be a man

Video By: Brendan CainBrendan Cain

Marcus wants to be a man, but he doesn't even know where to start. Being masculine is something that's hard to define, so filmmaker Brendan Cain made a video about Marcus' dilemma in order to start the conversation. Turns out being a man is easier than Marcus thought. 

Learn what you can do to define your manliness in a way with sits well with you.

Everyone's got their own ideas about what it means to be a masculine and manly man, many of which revolve around big muscles and chest hair. Thankfully, filmmaker Brendan Cain has got some fresh ideas about being masculine and decided to share them with us through this excellent video about Marcus. Join Marcus as he learns about what it means to be masculine and what you can do to define your manliness in a way with sits well with you. Check out Caveman's discussion for more info on the topic of masculinity. 

About the Filmmaker

Brendan Cain is 22 years old, hailing from Kempsey, NSW. He has just finished studying film directing at the Australian Film Television and Radio School and before that he spent 3 years at UTS studying Media Arts and Production. He is currently setting up his own freelance business. Brendan was thrilled to have been accepted to be a part of the Film Crew and loves collaborating with the rest of the awesome team.

Last reviewed: 04 March, 2014
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  • hartley_    (1195 days ago)

    Totally agree with you rt262 and lokifish!

    Why do people have to fit a category anyway? If you like it, do it, if you don't then don't, and don't sweat it ! :)

  • rt262    (1205 days ago)

    What a great video! The stereotypes from that not-so-golden-age have and are continuing to change. I definitely agree with Lokifish, girls have the same choices to make too. I love the idea of looking at what values are important to you and going from there. Let's keep the progressive wheels moving!

  • lokifish    (1209 days ago)

    I'm a girl, but still think this video is super awesome. I think the same thing can be said about women too - if stilettos make you cringe and you just don't have that "maternal instinct", doesn't make you less of a woman.