Neitzsche was right

The world was cruel to this strong-willed young person. Read how they learned that whatever didn't kill them, only made them stronger.

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Nietzsche, was right; what does not kill me, only makes me stronger!

When I was young, my parents would fight all the time. In my opinion, my parents never should have married, as they were simply not compatible. I think my mum now agrees. My dad slowly became an alcoholic, as well as addicted to prescription drugs. Eventually he suffered with depression as a result. One night, my sister and I walked into our house only to find him on the ground, almost dead, after he had tried to commit suicide.

His face was blue. My sister thought he was dead as there was no sign of movement, so she protected me by hiding me behind the lounge. He returned alive a few days later. He tried to commit suicide at least four times, including one time where he tried in a hospital detox unit. The nurse saved him before he succeeded. Not surprisingly, all of this took its toll on my mother, as well as my sister and me.


One night, my mother sat us down and started crying, she said we wouldn't see him for a while and she was right. I didn't understand completely at the time, yet I was well aware that my life was about to change. We had to sell the house, after the divorce, and move into a small two bedroom duplex. Unfortunately, my mum now had to raise my sister and me on a single income.

After a while, everything that had happened started to psychologically affect my sister. Her and my dad stopped communicating and he refused to allow her to visit. When my mum was working my sister would turn to violence. I would have severe bruises on my arms and back. A few times she almost broke my nose. A lot of the time, she would lock me out of the house until my mum came home, so she could say I was uncontrollable. There was nothing my mum could do as it was my story against her story.

I withdrew

Meanwhile, I started to feel extremely isolated. My sister was abusive, my father was neglectful and my mum was helpless. While my mother was out, I would lock myself in my room and tell myself that I had to become my own saviour. I would study the lives of philosophical geniuses, including Nietzsche, for hope. At that point, I yearned to become the next great modern-day philosopher. The thought allowed me to continue to see value in life.

One day, I came home to discover that my sister had attempted suicide. My mum and I rushed to the hospital to visit her. At that point, she had no option but to fix her life.

At this point, my dad was over seven years sober. I was proud of him. He aided in her recovery, as her downfall was a result of her love for him. Additionally, she saw a psychologist every fortnight to help her overcome her depression. Nowadays, she is no longer an alcoholic or drug addict, and my father is ten years sober.

Nietzsche was right

I moved up north last year to buy a house, which is almost three thousand kilometres from where I grew up. I did this so I could focus on the only motivation which kept me alive and well, philosophy. I am now undertaking a Bachelor of Philosophy in order to become the next great modern philosopher. My favourite philosopher, Nietzsche, was right; what does not kill me, only makes me stronger!

Last reviewed: 12 June, 2015
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