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It's easy to see the end of high school as a 'make it or break it' year. Read how one girl put the pressures of HSC exams in perspective.

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I make sure I have a day to myself which allows me to unwind and think about things that affect me.
The fear of failure really kicks in during exam time and although you strive to achieve your best, the reality is that stressing so much over certain things makes you perform worse than if you relax and take things one day at a time.

To get my mind off things I have one day a week that is all to myself. On that day I do whatever it is that I like, whether it's hanging out with friends, going shopping or sometimes catching up on lost sleep due to study. I make sure I have a day to myself which allows me to unwind and think about things that affect me.

I also do sport. I played football for 4 months and did training twice a week for 5 ½ hours for 6 months. Now I try to go for a run whenever I get the chance. I think there is something in sport that clears your head. Also doing sports helped me feel better and more energetic which resulted in an overall positive feeling towards not just school but life itself.

I have high expectations for myself in terms of the marks I get and how I perform during exams. I used to get really disappointed when I wouldn't get the mark I wanted, but I realised that 'you either make it or break it' isn't the right way to look at Year 12.

The person that has been most supportive of me in Year 12 has been my Psychology teacher. She has been there for me whenever I have needed her and is a great help. She is always one phone call away and is willing to sacrifice her time to help me get through any tough times I am experiencing. Also friends - they are usually really helpful to talk to because they experience the same things and sometimes even just telling someone your problem takes a big load off your shoulders.

If a friend of mine was to ask me how to get through the exam period with minimal stress involved I would recommend finding someone they trust and that they know they can get reliable advice from. I would also recommend giving yourself 'me time' because sometimes you just need to focus on your own needs and let everyone else sort themselves out. The main thing that has gotten me this far is taking Year 12 day by day because focussing on the past or the future too much can get overwhelming. A day at a time helps put everything in perspective, it's only school and doesn't determine your value as a person!
Last reviewed: 12 January, 2014
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