Q&A: Sex and farting

Q: Is it me or my girlfriend making the fart sounds during intercourse? My girlfriend thought I was farting tho I'm not. Where is that sound coming from?

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Sex can be really noisy! There are lots of squelches and pops and all sorts of sounds...

A: Sex can be really noisy! There are lots of squelches and pops and all sorts of sounds which seem to have no explanation, but most of them are just a natural part of all those juices and body parts coming together.

The sounds you’re hearing are most likely vaginal flatulence (also called ‘fanny farts’, ‘queefs’ or ‘varts’). They’re very common and are just caused by small pockets of air being pushed out of the vagina. They usually don’t have any smell, and are not linked to bowel movements in any way.

If there is a strong smell, this could be caused by a number of serious issues (usually caused by childbirth or other surgeries), so make sure she goes to see a doctor to get it checked out.

In general, don’t worry too much and try to laugh it off – your girlfriend may be embarrassed about it, but it’s perfectly natural!


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Last reviewed: 16 February, 2014
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  • Diva    (1308 days ago)

    thanks now i know what not to look for when my boo and i do it!