Random acts of kindness

There’s no better time to rack up karma points than on Random Acts of Kindness Day! But that’s not the only reason you should be taking the extra time to be kind. Not only is it a super sweet thing to do, but being kind to other people makes you feel pretty great too. To help spread the smiles, we've put together a bunch of fun ways to bring a smile to your face (and somebody else’s too!)

The sticky note ninja

Whilst the ninja suit isn’t 100 per cent necessary (although 100 per cent recommended) – take some post-it notes and write some sweet messages or affirmations on them. Stick them in public bathrooms, on your mirror, or hide them around the house (especially if you have housemates) for instant love spreading.

Pay it forward

If you’re a coffee lover (or a green juice beauty), why not treat yourself and someone else at the same time. Maybe you could take a friend for a drink, treat a workmate, delight your teacher, or even just pay for the next person in line at your favourite cafe.

Send some notes of gratitude

Letter writing is a lost art. The world is full of instant messages, tweets, pokes, voice-mail, e-mail and all the other kinds of electronic communication.Take the time do something really special and personal by writing out a thank you note to someone who's shown you lots of friendship and support.

Offer your time

Volunteer at a soup kitchen, a homeless shelter, for your library or your op shop. So many people could use a helping hand – so if you have even an hour to offer, why not spread the kindness and try out volunteering.

Anon love

We’ve all heard of the hate spreading that goes on at places like tumblr, Facebook or Twitter – so why not send some love instead. Hit up blogs or accounts you follow and let them know you love what they do! You could also share a blog post or favourite website that spreads positive messages. There’s nothing cooler than letting other people in on a little internet secret.

Smile at 10 strangers

Just like yawning, smiling is contagious too – so let’s spread it. Next time you’re going down the street, make an effort to beam out the biggest smile you have at 10 strangers you pass. How awesome does it feel to watch other people smile back!

Donate to a charity store

We all have clothes or toys that we’ve outgrown, just don’t wear or don’t have room for – why not take some time to donate them to a charity store, so that your unwanted treasures can brighten the days of people in need.
Last reviewed: 28 January, 2016
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