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Going through a tough time?

ReachOut NextStep can:
1. Help you work out what's going on
2. Provide personalised support recommendations has had a refresh - a big one!

The old homepageThose of you who aren’t first-time visitors to will notice that it looks a little different. Alright – A LOT different. The colours have changed, the layouts have changed, the way we organise all the content has changed… you get the picture. It’s all about change (as an aside, if you’re struggling to come to terms with all this change, we have a great fact sheet with tips on coping).

Where did all these changes come from? Well, we’re glad you asked! Over the last couple of years, we’ve been working extensively with young people, staff, volunteers, and a whole range of experts to figure out what we could do to make even better. We did surveys, research, workshops, polls, user testing and then more workshops to make absolutely sure we were heading in the right direction.

We wanted to become a place that could link the stuff we do in social media to the stuff we do on site; plug the great conversations that happen in the forums into the rest of the site; be able to better showcase the work we do with partners and also link to the work we do offline. Not only that, but we wanted a site that was built on a great technical platform so we could keep building on it for years to come. And most importantly of all, we wanted to build a site that would help more young people! So the site you’re on right now is the result of all of that.

The new homepage

It’s early days yet, and things certainly still aren’t perfect. But we're always working on it, and hopefully what you’ll see in the coming months is more interactive content; more stuff for you to take away and do to make you either feel better, cope better or just get more out of life; more apps and tools for you to put on your phone; and more ways to get involved.

We LOVE feedback – so if you’ve got ideas, want to get involved, or see something on the site that isn’t working or just not quite right, just contact us at We hope you like what you see!