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ReachOut Reporters visit the set of Short Beach

'Once the most popular girl at Short Beach High, Denise Dixon finds her life turned upside-down after one night of terror. Rumours and violent backstabbing run rife. Life in Short Beach will never be the same.' –

On the set of Short BeachIn preparation for its 2012 release, the cast and crew of new Aussie film, Short Beach, were busy shooting some of their last scenes on location at the wonderfully sunny Coalcliff, 45 minutes south of Sydney. Other locations of filming included more well-known beaches like Coogee and Maroubra, but I’ll tell you, we could not have felt luckier for attending the Coalcliff shoot. The beautiful weather and sparkling blue ocean made for a great coastal road trip scene that required a “Russian Arm”, the piece of filming equipment responsible for all of your favourite car chase scenes. We were excited to say the least!

Of course, the members of the cast did manage to find time to give us a talk. We spoke about the characters they portray in the film and the impact that it’s had on their own personal lives.

Hilary Caitens, who plays Denise, explained the dilemmas that the main character goes through as an adolescent surrounded by the pressures growing up, while Nikki Webster spoke about how her own experiences personally relate to the film’s portrayal of puberty. They both told us that they’d seen similar events play out at their own high schools.

Matt, naturally, couldn’t help himself from asking for a photo with Nikki right after the interview! Cheez! :D

That’s all folks! We both had a great time chatting with the cast and can’t wait to do it all again closer to the film’s release date. Check out the Short Beach Facebook page for more info.