Regrets of yesterbeer

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For some people, Sundays are a time set aside to suffer through a nasty hangover - but they don't have to be. Sami, 21, has a look at her own relationship with alcohol. 

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The next day I woke up with the worst hangover in the world, and spent my Sunday morning staring into a toilet bowl.
Tonight I am going to get FU***D-UP. We have all thought it. We have all done it. And more often than not the consequences have been dire. 

"Tomorrow" is often unbearable. A dull throbbing pain permeates the skull walls as though you have received an aggressive punch to the head. There is a bucket by your bedside, you have woken up in the clothes from the previous night, you have woken up next to someone from the previous night...who lets face don't remember. Unexplained bruises...perhaps you were over ambitious on the dance floor? Wait... can you even remember a dance floor? And the list goes on. 

If you have experienced one or all of those things, you'll know what I'm talking about when I say 'hangovers are a bitch'. A sack of goon and one tequila too many taught me this, and I never want to deal with that again. 

The night began like any other Saturday in Sydney. A group of us made our way to the park to share a pizza, some laughs and a carton of cheap white wine.  I had purchased myself the ‘cask-wine special’ from the local Bottle-O and slowly but surely I managed to consume the entire “space-bag” all to myself. As soon as I stood up and my head began to spin out of control, I should have realised that an entire goon sack was enough for one evening. In fact a quarter of a carton would have been plenty! Instead I decided I had to keep drinking…. I had to get loose. 

As the evening went on, our group migrated from the park to the main club in the city. As there was a queue to get in, we decided to hit-up some small bars in the area for some more drinks. We thought it would be a GREAT idea to stop off at each one and take a shot of tequila (probably the WORST idea ever). 

I remember arriving to the club, I remember an attempt at dancing the waltz with my friend Edward and falling over (I could only assume as much as my knees were covered in bruises) and that’s about it. 

The next day I woke up with the worst hangover in the world, and spent my Sunday morning staring into a toilet bowl. As soon as I checked my Facebook I had about five new friend requests from random men (ooohhh dear) and mortifying photos of ‘drunk me’ had been posted all over my wall. I had also received a few text messages asking if I had arrived home safely. Well yes, I suppose I did…. but I had no recollection as to how. Considering there was no Aussie bloke sleeping beside me, I could safely say that I hadn’t been escorted home by one of my ‘expectant’ friends. 

If this night out taught me one thing, it was to reconsider my attitude towards drinking. Instead of thinking “tonight I’m going to get fu***d-up” I should have said to myself “tonight I am going to pace myself”. I would have actually remembered the night I had, still have been able to enjoy myself and share a drink with my friends, and Sunday morning would have been a more enjoyable day. Apart from all that I would have saved myself at least 50 dollars and my liver would be singing my praises!

So next time you want to have a big-night out, take a second and think about tomorrow. How do you want to spend your Sunday morning?

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Last reviewed: 28 January, 2016
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