3rd prize winner: Take a leap

Video By: Terry TaplinTerry Taplin

Congratulations to the third prize winner of the 2013 ReachOut Film Crew Competition, Terry Taplin. Check out his video, 'Take a leap'.

I know that no matter how many times I fall down, I'm going to keep trying

The 2013 ReachOut Film Crew Competition was aimed at young film makers aged 18-24 with a passion for making films that make a difference. 20 videos were shortlisted for the finals, with first, second and third prize being awarded at our 15th Birthday Celebration in March, 2013.

About the third prize winner

Terry Taplin (21) has just finished his third year, completing an advanced diploma of screen and media (specialising in post production). After working as a free-lance editor for  a couple of production companies in and around Perth WA. He decided to get together with ex graduates and form their own company called Revelation Pictures. With a strong passion for editing, he has also in recent years, found a connection with directing. Being a part of the Reach Out crew will be a privilege for him, helping to change people's lives through the visual medium.

ReachOut Film Crew

All shortlisted finalists have been offered a place on the ReachOut Film Crew which will create video content for the ReachOut.com site for 2013. To watch the videos that were awarded first and third prize, check out the following links:

To check out all the other videos that made it into the top 20, check out the ReachOut.com YouTube Page.

Last reviewed: 16 December, 2015
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