Taking regular me-time

This animation reminds us of the importance of having regular 'me-time' during exam season to avoid becoming completely overwhelmed.

Forget about study for a little bit.

Take some time out

Feel stressed at exam time? You're not the only one. It can be particularly difficult to maintain a healthy balance between study and relaxation during exam period when you've got heaps of work to get done. The key? Taking regular breaks - me-time - to clear your head and help you to study productively. Screen and Media students Aaron Bautista, Aram Davern, Michael De Caria, Jonathon Iskov, Roy La Torre from Sydney's Academy of Interactive Entertainment made this awesome animation to remind us how important it is to have regular 'me-time' when you're working hard to get stuff done.

Breathe and WorryTime

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Last reviewed: 09 October, 2015
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