Fitzy shares 'The Prayer' with is proud to  present the work of young artist, Sean Fitzsimons, who wrote this song to commemorate the life of his friend Steve and to spread the message of suicide prevention to other young people.

I hope this track can reach other Australians who have experienced mental health illnesses
Fitzy shared with us a bit of the inspiration behind the track when we spoke to him...

"The prayer is a track which I wrote after Steve, one of my close mates took his life in April 2011. This was my first close encounter with suicide and rocked my world significantly.

I remember being told of this happening, I was home alone in the evening and instantly felt a great emptiness inside myself. Firstly I guess I was going through a mixture of emotions which involved shock, confusion, devastation and guilt to name a few. I remember sitting in bed feeling empty asking 'why, why, why?' Like all others in Steve's life I saw no signs what-so-ever of his suicidal thoughts which made it even harder for us to comprehend what had just happened.

Steve was one of the most genuine, kind hearted people I have ever met and I spent some of my most enjoyable times in his company.

As the demographic in the military consists mainly of youth, there was a large number of my colleagues who were also going through a range of new emotions they had not yet experienced. This presented a very difficult time for us. Being constantly reminded by anniversaries and many situations that bring back those mixed emotions, it's been a long grieving process for many of us.

The fact that we are in the military the need to be strong and task focused often outshines the individuals emotions, and as a result of that many of us have not dealt with the loss even now years later.

I hope this track can reach other Australians who have experienced mental health illnesses, particularly suicide and be a driving force in the call for mental health awareness within our communities.

I will never get Steve back now, but I have a chance through this music to remind everyone that your never alone and there is always other outcomes. There are many great services in our communities such as who are devoted to being there to support those in need, and everyone needs to no they have access to these services."

Last reviewed: 16 February, 2014
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