Unwelcome voices

This brave young person shares their battle to beat the dangerous voices in their head.

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I was really embarrassed and thought people would think I was going mad, so I never talked about it, not even to my counsellor.
I first started hearing voices a few years ago, when I was at school. Mostly when I hadn't been sleeping properly, or when I was stressed. It would go in a vicious circle - If I didn't sleep for a few days I'd get weaker and the voices would start. Then the voices would keep me awake at night so I couldn't sleep, and the lack of sleep would make it worse...

My voices would laugh at me when I couldn't cope, get angry when I did things wrong and they tricked me into punishing myself. I suppose they weren't just voices, I could smell them and feel their fingers on my face when I cried. They were as real as any other person in my life. There was one voice that spoke mostly at night when I was alone. She always wanted me to hurt myself, and she told me no one loved me or cared about me.

They wouldn't let me seek help

Whenever I went into hospital the voices would scream so my skull rattled, they would tell me to run away. 'Run Kid, get out of here. They hate you, quick run away.' It became like a chant that was repeated any time I went near a doctor or hospital.

I was really embarrassed and thought people would think I was going mad, so I never talked about it, not even to my counsellor. Even after intensive psychiatric treatment I wouldn't tell anyone, because not only was I ashamed, I was scared of what the voices would do.

Taking back control

'They only want you to run because if you stay here the doctors will make them go away and you will get better' my cousin said after I told him my secret. 'Think about it; the whole point of seeing the doctor is to make you better and get the voices to leave. If the doctors do their job and get you well, then the voices lose out and have to go. No wonder they are trying to get you to run away! You have to be stronger than them, try and stick it out and lets get these voices to piss off for good shall we!'

He spoke to the doctor and together we decided I would try and stick out the treatment night by night. I had to promise to stay for a whole night, and the next day I could choose what I wanted to do. Knowing that if I stuck it out for tonight and that I could leave tomorrow made the process less daunting.

Really gained control

Eventually the doc got my medication sorted out so I could sleep and stay in control of my emotions and the voices stopped. Once or twice since leaving hospital they have come back, but I put on my headphones, take my meds and ring the doctor to tell him, and tell the voices they have no right to be in my head and I haven't got time for them.

In retrospect being stubborn and refusing to tell people about my problem and running away from hospital wasn't the right thing to do. I though I was in control of the situation by doing it, but it's only since having help and beating the problem that I have really gained control.

Last reviewed: 16 February, 2014
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  • Ben-RO    (295 days ago)

    Hey @Smokoner, Thank you for sharing your story here, if you want to talk a bit more please feel free to head over to the forums, there are a couple people who hear voices and they're always happy to share their experiences and what's helped! http://forums.au.reachout.com/

  • smokoner    (295 days ago)

    I also suffer the same problem, it's got that bad recently that even medication hasn't helped. However I still manage to not listen to these voices who keep putting me down, which in turn leads to a spiral of depression which again makes it worse. However I have learned the voices in my head are at around the same volume level almost every time. It's worse in public because if I hear these voices, I then can be tricked into thinking someone near me has said it. Hell, i've even assaulted someone by mistake, because I thought they called me a faggot. Yet they never said nothing. Coping is difficult and for years now its a 5/7 day thing.. so most of the year!

  • Jaguar    (1392 days ago)

    Thank you so much for your story, I have struggled with voices in my head for 20 years, they would make me do things I didn't want to do and that were harmful to me. I am glad to say that I have recovered but do still get voices at times but now I can manage to not let them influence me.