Why volunteer?

Video By: Stephanie LaneStephanie Lane

Film Crew member Steph interviews some experienced volunteers who have lots of great stuff to say about volunteer work.

Volunteering is a lot about what we have to give to others and we don’t realise how much it gives to us as well.

Many people think that volunteer work is only undertaken by a certain type of person. The truth is, it's for everyone. Stephanie interviews three people who offer different perspectives on volunteer work, shaped by their own extensive experience. We often think that volunteer work is all about helping others, but it turns out that there are added bonuses which are beneficial for the volunteer as well.

About the Filmmaker

Stephanie Lane is 22 years old, from Perth Western Australia. She recently graduated from Curtin University where she studied Corporate Screen Production and Journalism. She is particularly interested the mental health of young people and of those in the LGBTI community and is looking to incorporate these interests into her career in film.

Last reviewed: 16 February, 2014
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  • Gabi    (1294 days ago)

    Hey Babs!

    You are so right, volunteers can make such a difference in people's lives!

    Do you have any ideas of where you would like to volunteer? I have always found that a quick google search makes it easy to find places to volunteer in your local area. Or why not try volunteering here at ReachOut.com?! Under the "Get Involved" tab you'll find some info on the Youth Ambassador program and other ways to volunteer.

    If you can't find anything that suits you either here on the website or in your local area, you could always set up your own type of charity event and then send whatever proceeds you make into the charity of your choice. Maybe like having a massive BBQ in your local park or something? The opportunities for volunteering are practically endless!

    The world needs more people like you in it!

  • Babs    (1295 days ago)

    The video is very open and honest and I would like to volunteer to reach out to someone in need, put back into the community. There are a lot of people hurting and a volunteer who wants to be there can make a difference in someone's life