Young Father's Day: an interview

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Father’s Day, which comes around on the first Sunday of every September, is an opportunity to celebrate all kinds of fathers and father figures around the country. In the spirit of this occasion, we had a chat to one young dad about fatherhood. Happy Father’s Day, Dads!

young father holding his son and pointing at the camera
He is learning to become a child and I am still learning to become a parent
How old is your little guy? 
Isaac is just four

Favourite moment with him so far?
That’s a tough question. There are constantly moments that make me laugh or make me proud. Maybe saying 'dad' or ' I love you' for the first time.

Most hilarious thing he's ever done?
For my birthday a few years ago he painted a picture for me and when his mother asked what it was he stated 'it’s snakes eating poo!' so that was the caption written on it underneath 'happy birthday, Dad.' 

Most challenging moment being a dad so far? Any tips for other young dads struggling with the same thing?
At the moment Isaac is going through the stage where he is testing the boundaries. It is really hard trying to reason with him and say no almost constantly. The only thing I can suggest staying calm and putting yourself in his shoes. I found that if I try and understand why he is acting the way he is, it makes it easier to reason with him. The whole 'no' stage is very challenging especially when he says no to everything I say, even if I know he wants the thing I'm asking about. It’s important to remember that it’s just a stage and it’s a very satisfying feeling when you break through that wall.

When I was a kid I hated eating stew. What's his least favourite thing to do?
I’m lucky that Isaac is a very easy child but he is not a fan of getting his finger and toe nails trimmed.

If he and you had a TV show together, what would it be called?
“The Learning Curve” because I'm only 23 and Isaac is only 4, so we are learning together I suppose. He is learning to become a child and I am still learning to become a parent and deal with the challenges that come with that. Or "wing man" because he is my best mate.

What's his favourite song?
He isn't really into music just yet but I very clearly remember his reaction to Bruno Mars' film clip for the lazy song; the one with the monkey masks dancing around. He was glued to the screen with a huge smile on his face for the whole clip! Haha

Was fatherhood different to what you expected? 
Yes and no. I always wanted to be a parent but it’s more fulfilling, enjoyable and more importantly challenging than I could ever have imagined. It’s amazing; it changed the way I look at the world, my priorities and my work ethic. It’s totally changed who I am for the better.

Do you know how you'll be celebrating father's day? 
I am spending the day with Isaac and my father, having a Father’s Day lunch and enjoying the first day of spring. As long as I spend time with my son and father, I will enjoy the day.

Last reviewed: 16 February, 2014
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