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Looking after yourself really helps you to stay at the top of your game. And it includes heaps of fun things, such as doing your favourite exercise, spending time on your hobbies or practising relaxation techniques.

When you take time to look after yourself, it not only helps you to ‘recharge’, but also can keep you healthy or help you to manage health issues.

1. Make time for it

Set aside time each day to practise looking after yourself. Whether it’s just a few minutes, or an hour or two, make a date with yourself and do something that relaxes you and makes you feel good.

Make time for it

2. Don't double book

If a friend wants to see you or needs a favour done during your self-care time, tell them you’re busy. Because you are busy. You’re busy looking after yourself!

3. Be prepared

Start compiling a list of activities that you like doing or want to try. Some options include swimming, walking, meditating, napping, reading, watching TV, doing yoga or breathing exercises, cooking, drawing, playing sport, hanging out with pets, gaming or journaling. Have we missed anything? Put it on the list!

4. Tune in

At the start of your self-care ‘date’, take a moment to tune into how you’re feeling at that very moment. What activity would work best for you right then?

Tune in

5. Learn to switch off

This can be hard, especially if you’re used to thinking about your school or work problems at home. But self-care is the time to focus only on you! If switching off is a challenge for you, try doing something that requires you to concentrate, such as solving a puzzle or reading a book.

6. Learn some quick fixes

If you’re frazzled and short on time, learn some strategies that you can focus on for just a few minutes. Breathing exercises and stretching are great, as you can do them quickly and just about anywhere!

What can I do now?