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At ReachOut, it’s really important to us that we involve young people in everything we do, so we can best support you. Right now, our research team is looking for hundreds of young people across Australia to take part in Check In, one of our biggest and most important studies to date.

We spoke to our research team to hear more about the study and how being involved might benefit you. Here’s what they said...

What's it all about?

This study will look at your wellbeing to understand what life’s like for you - your ups, your downs, the things that stress you out and the things that make you feel great, too. This will help us make sure we continue to support young people with whatever life throws at them.

What do I have to do?

Check In is an online research study that you’ll be part of for three months. You’ll be emailed one to two surveys each week that will take you about 5 to 10 mins. You’ll get to tell your story in some really cool ways. We’ll ask you to choose photos, songs, emojis and even memes to express yourself!

Why three months?

Check In is what in research we call a cohort study. This means that it follows a group of people over time. Findings from cohort studies are super valuable as they give us an idea of things that might change over time. For ReachOut, this means understanding how we can help more young people feel happy and well.

Why should I take part?

There are heaps of reasons why being part of this project is one of the best things you’ll do this year…


Completing all the surveys for the week will enter you into a prize draw and every week you’ll get the chance to win one of three gift cards worth $50. Nice.

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By telling us your story and sharing your opinions, we’ll know what things ReachOut can do to be helpful for young people when things aren’t going so great. Your voice is unique and important, and without it, we don’t have the whole story.


At the end of the study we’ll send you a personalised Wellbeing Report to keep. This is a snapshot of what we’ve heard from you over the three months - all about what makes you awesome, things you can do to feel better when it’s all getting too much, and a summary of what we’ve heard from everyone in Check In.

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What we've heard from Check In participants so far

"...[The survey] gives me a space where I can low key vent about how I am feeling without having to know about real people judging me... This research thing has been the driving force to make me know that there are things you can do to make you feel better when you are stressed or down. This has made me feel like my feelings, thoughts and slow recovery have been helpful to help others in the future." - Check In participant

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What can I do now?