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Zoey talks about living through the bushfires in her hometown of Pembula, in the Bega Valley. She describes how hard it was seeing the people around her so upset and seeing some lose their houses. However, Zoey was able to shift her mindset to think ‘How are we going to work together to rebuild the community?’ Just as things were starting to get better, coronavirus happened. She gets hope from knowing that things will eventually go back to some kind of normality.

This video has been produced by our friends at headspace, see more of their resources here.

After the bushfires, it was great to see community groups getting back together and building back up again.

How to shift your mindset

  • Tell yourself that you can get through this, even if it’s hard right now.
  • Know that perfection is unrealistic, and pay attention to the effort you are making.
  • Be open to new ways of doing things, and ask yourself, ‘What do I need to do to make this work?’
  • Remember that setbacks are normal, and they just mean you need to try a different approach.