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Australians have shown their support for the LGBTQI community. You might be feeling amazing, and ready to slap on the glitter and get to a party, while at the same time you’re ready to crawl under the covers for the next week. It’s totally normal to be experiencing a wide range of emotions after such a hard-fought result.

We’re stoked that Australia voted for equality

We’re super-excited that millions of Australians marched to their post boxes in support of equality, fairness and love. The majority of Australians are standing with the LGBTQI community, and we feel that this result will build a stronger and more unified country where we’re proud to live. This is a huge milestone that we can all celebrate.

We think this gif sums it up pretty well.

Marriage equality stoked

What now?

The YES result is something to celebrate, but it’s also completely normal to be feeling overwhelmed by a wide range of emotions. The last few months have been really tough. It’s possible that the debate has taken a toll on some of your relationships with family or friends. So, it’s still important to take care of yourself right now. Here are a few ideas:

Celebrate the win

  • Join a celebratory party, or host one of your own!
  • Keep an eye out for events being held near you.

Connect with your people

  • Surround yourself with the people you love, and talk about how you’re feeling.
  • Find strength in the queer community – whether IRL or online.
  • Head to the ReachOut Forums: they’re a great place to get support from young people like you.

Take time out

  • Take a sec to breathe. Apps such as Smiling Mind and Buddhify have lots of great guided meditations.
  • Take a break from news and social media if you need to. Don’t bother with the haters.
  • Journal your feelings – get it all out of your head.

Get involved in YES!

  • A bill still needs to be passed in Parliament for marriage equality to be a reality, so keep an eye out for ways to support Australian Marriage Equality.

What can I do now?