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Here’s a list of all the support you can access at ReachOut.

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Something on your mind? Chat with a ReachOut peer worker who understands. Our peer workers have experience with mental health and life challenges, and have been trained to use this experience to help others.

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The Online Community is a safe place where you can anonymously connect with other young people. Read posts and learn from others, share your experience and offer your support.

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I get really anxious with social interactions

I've been a quiet person since I was a child, I thought that maybe I'm just shy. But it's starting to get worse when time passed. This anxious feeling while talking to people is starting to get in the way of my daily life and it makes going to uni very hard.


This is for anyone who could benefit from a space to give and receive peer support for chronic illnesses and their symptoms.


Check out what's coming up in the Online Community and RSVP to attend.

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Figure out what’s going on for me


If you're 18-25 and going through a tough time, you're not alone.

NextStep will guide you to personalised support options in 3 simple steps.

Step one

Let's work out what's worrying you at the moment

Check in with myself

How are you feeling today?

Share how you feel and we'll suggest some things that can help.

Do something to feel calmer

Some people find that taking a moment to breathe helps get them into a better headspace.

Hear from other young people like me

How Ben (The Naked Farmer) deals with his anxiety

Hear Ben's story about anxiety, the importance of family support and the tools he uses to cope.

Watch video

Sonboy on reaching his goals

Aboriginal rapper Sonboy reflects on his childhood growing up in Redfern, 'The Block,' and how he gained the confidence to focus on his music.

How Grace came out to her dad

While coming out to her dad, Grace found that self-acceptance was key. Having support from friends and family was also so important.

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Search for information and support, tips and stories to help you feel better.

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