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Going through a tough time?

ReachOut NextStep can:
1. Help you work out what's going on
2. Provide personalised support recommendations


What is

ReachOut provides practical tools and support to help young people get through everything from everyday issues to tough times.

On, you will find help through:

  • factsheets

  • tools

  • apps

  • community forums

  • stories

  • videos

  • other stuff, like lists.

At ReachOut we leave counselling to other experts, and out chat services focus on just peer support on the Forums. If you need urgent help or you want to talk to someone immediately, check out our emergency contacts page.

Who runs 

ReachOut was started in 1996 in direct response to Australia’s growing suicide rates. Read more about our story.

We work with young people and experts to deliver mental health services online. Everything we do is evidence-based and underpinned by evaluation and research. To find out more about the evidence behind, read our latest reports.

A few facts about ReachOut Australia:

  • we’re a registered not-for-profit

  • we’re based in Sydney, but ReachOut is a national service

  • about 40 people work at ReachOut across marketing, organisation support, research, and service delivery.

We partner with a lot of other organisations to make sure every young person who visits finds the help they are looking for.

About The Toolbox 

The Toolbox was developed by ReachOut Australia in partnership with the Young and Well Cooperative Research Centre.

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