The real deal: 5 Insta-nutritionists who give good healthy-eating advice

Type the words ‘healthy eating’ into Instagram and you’ll find an endless stream of clean-eating-paleo-friendly-kale-smoothie-sipping fanatics who make the act of shoving food into your face seem like a competitive sport. But, never fear, we’ve done some serious investigative work and found five sensible dietitians and nutritionists who take the mystery (and bullshit) out of making sure that what you eat is good for you. Get some inspiration and information about how to eat healthily (and there’s no glass of kombucha anywhere in sight).

Everyone loves a good Insta post showing seriously delicious-looking food. But have you ever thought about how being bombarded with clean-eating or wellness images can affect the way – and how much – you think about food, or even about yourself?

To help you out, we’ve found some accounts that will teach you about food and nutrition without all the extras (bikini shots, etc). Be warned: they do still show some yummy-looking food, so be prepared to feel inspired (or hungry).

Everyone on this list is a qualified nutritionist or dietitian. This means they have studied extensively and understand a lot about food and nutrition. When you think about it, how our bodies work is a pretty complicated process so it’s best to listen to the experts.

1. thenutritionguruandthechef

Tara (the guru) is a nutritionist who tells it how it is. She debunks some of the myths that you might have heard, and provides some seriously yummy recipes. (The beetroot choc cake is uh-maze!)

2. healthyhappyhabits

This is what balance looks like. Rachel’s byline states ‘wholesome–healthy–simple’, and she means it. We love this one because she uses lots of fresh produce, but also stuff that you can find in the supermarket.

3. moderationmovement

If you’re going to jump on board with any kind of healthy eating movement, this is a good choice. Qualified nutritionists Zoe and Jodie have created a great place to go if you’re feeling the pressure when it comes to food and your body. This feed will remind you that all food can be enjoyed – in moderation, of course! P.S.: They love pizza, so naturally we love them.

4. dietitiansaus

Dietitians Australia is a peak body when it comes to nutrition and while their insta feed doesn't have mouth-wateringly delicious pics of food, they do come through with the industry-led insights and nutrition information that are well researched and updated regularly.

5. shiftnutrition

Skye makes beautiful-looking meals and also posts snippets of nutritional info. Our bodies need food to thrive and survive, so it’s always great to learn more about how it all works.

So, there you have it: five accounts that you can trust when looking for some guidance. But remember that what you eat doesn’t have to be insta-worthy to be good for you. While it’s really important to have a healthy and balanced diet, you don’t need to blow your budget on good ingredients. Fresh fruit and veg are affordable; check out the ‘imperfect’ section at your local supermarket (if they have one) and always try to shop seasonally. And don’t stress or become obsessed about good food and healthy eating. Preparing and sharing meals with friends and family should be a joyful experience!

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