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Animals. Do we really need to say any more? They can be great for your wellbeing and mental health. If you’re an animal lover but don’t have access to a real-life pet, then these are the channels for you. Research has shown that viewing pictures or videos of cute animals reduces stress and lifts your mood.

The Pet Collective

This channel brings together the best animal videos from around the Internet, and is a great way to get some exposure to different species. You’ve got everything from your everyday pets, like dogs and cats, to the animals you’re less likely to see walking down the street, like sun bears and chameleons!

Wild Planet

Discover and be inspired by wildlife from all over the planet. From nature photography to cute videos, Wild Planet has you covered.

Smol Animals

Humans are nurturers by nature, so we are drawn to small and cute things. Upon seeing cute things, like animals and babies, the brain releases dopamine – the ‘happy chemical’. Beyond this, cuteness can also help trigger empathy and compassion. This account has videos of small animals for your daily recommended serving of cuteness.

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