Freedom Stories: Being gay gets better, and boring!

Comedian Rhys Nicholson chats to some of his gay buddies and comes to the conclusion that being gay might feel like the biggest thing in the world to begin with, but in the end it often turns out to be the least interesting thing about you.

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What are Freedom Stories?

ACON and ReachOut worked together with a bunch of talented filmmakers and storytellers to produce digital stories. Our storytellers share their own experiences in coming to terms with their sexuality and/or gender, and reveal what they wish they’d known then, that they know now.

About the filmmaker

Brendan Cain exists on this earth for two reasons: (1) to make films, and (2) to play Trivial Pursuit. Both activities require a whole heap of knowledge about many silly things and the ability to work well in a team, and involve plastic objects that can sometimes be a choking hazard.

This is Brendan's third collaboration with ReachOut. If you’re looking for a freelance director, or Trivial Pursuit teammate, he's your guy.

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