We're all ears: 4 crime-free podcasts that are worth a listen

It's no secret that podcasts are all the rage right now. Tuning in can be a great way to relax, jazz up your commute or simply take some time out. Unfortunately, our obsession with podcasts crosses over with the true-crime trend, and sometimes too much of the grisly stuff can get you down.

So, rather than indulge in another whodunnit, why not try these four positive podcasts instead?


Must-listen ep: Cancelling Cancel Culture Described as the 'pop-culture podcast for smart women who love dumb stuff', listening to Shameless is like sitting in on a conversation between your two funniest friends. Co-hosts (and best buds) Zara McDonald and Michelle Andrews are instantly likeable. Typically, the hosts will break down the best bits in pop culture news, as well as featuring celeb interviews. But the best part about Shameless is that it always digs a little deeper. Their most recent ep on the downside of the 'cancel' culture is worth a listen.


Must-listen ep: Marcus Antebi Focusing on the achievements of everyday heroes, each episode of Hurdle highlights a unique tale of an individual and the 'hurdles' they've had to overcome. Our top pick is the chat with Marcus Antebi, the founder of Juice Press, which is now a multi-million dollar business. Marcus opens up about entering a three-month drug rehab program at the age of 15 – he's been sober ever since. Like a bite-sized reminder of the strength of the human spirit, each episode of Hurdle is a healthy dose of inspiration.

The Osher Gunsberg Podcast

Must-listen ep: Manifesting Success with Tanya Hennessy Everyone's favourite Bachie-bloke is also the host of a very successful podcast and is no stranger to talking about mental health. The Osher Gunsberg Podcast is a mix of profiles, interviews and honest discussion about living the best life possible. Osher describes it as ‘a weekly conversation that hopes to help you make today a little better than yesterday’, and he's right on the money – each listen is like a little hug from your ears. Make a beeline for his side-splittingly funny chat with radio host and YouTube comedian Tanya Hennessy.

10% Happier with Dan Harris

Must-listen ep: Dalai Lama In 2004, Dan Harris went to work one day thinking it would be a day much like the one before, and the one before that. A well-known TV broadcaster, he was in the middle of reading the news on Good Morning America when he suffered a panic attack. Following the attack, Dan, who describes himself as a ‘lifelong nonbeliever in self help’, set out to learn more about his situation. The result was his book, 10% Happier, which led to an app, 10% Happier: Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics, and now this podcast. With a focus on meditation, Dan chats to a variety of guests, everyone from pop stars to politicians, to find out what makes them tick and how they master their own minds. Offering both practical insights and a relatable approach to meditation, 10% Happier is 100% worth a listen. New episodes drop every Wednesday.


The Real Weird Sisters: A Harry Potter Podcast The best thing about the internet is that any idea – even the genuinely whacky ones – can find a place not only to survive, but thrive. Welcome to The Real Weird Sisters: A Harry Potter Podcast. When they were growing up, sisters Alice Asleson and Martha Krebill would read Harry Potter together, but they have since moved to different parts of America. They decided to keep their Potter tradition alive with this podcast. Each episode involves the reading of a Harry Potter chapter, as well as a serious breakdown of the wizarding world. It's fun; it's hilarious; it's a perfect illustration that magic does exist – in Potter podcast form.