Ways to Relax: ASMR

Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, or ASMR, is thought to be your brain responding to scratching, whispering and other sounds, with a tingling feeling, usually on the back of the neck. It differs for everybody, but for many it can be quite helpful to relax or sleep.

The Best Satisfying

The Best Satisfying uses slime to create innovative ASMR videos. These videos are a lot less intense than other typical ASMR types, so they're a good way to ease into the wacky world of ASMR.


One of the classic channels for ASMR, Gibi has videos covering a bunch of different sounds. Have an explore to find out which sounds work for you to reduce stress.


SAS ASMR features a highly sensitive microphone and a whole heap of food being eaten. If you’re getting into ASMR then this channel will definitely give you that tingling feeling you’re after.

Warning: if you don’t like hearing people eat this WON’T be for you.

ASMR Magic

ASMR Magic features more conventional videos, focusing on sounds to trigger those tingling sensations in specific ways. There are playlists for things like sleep, or what they call ‘brain massage,’ and some are designed to introduce you to lots of different sounds so you can figure out what works for you.

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