5 study habits that are good for the body

Exam period is a stressful time - both mentally and physically. Sometimes it can be easy to forget to look after our bodies when we're absorbed in our study. Check out some handy study habits that are good for the body.

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1. Sleep

When we’re freaking out about studying for exams, sleep is often the first thing to go. It’s fine to just study all night and catch up on sleep when exams are over, riiiiiiight? Well - not really. Sleeping well tonight will give you the concentration and brain power you need to take in all the study you do tomorrow. Being relaxed and clear headed is more effective than being exhausted and bleary eyed.

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2. Exercise.

Sitting at a desk in front of an endless supply of textbooks for hours on end isn’t the best way to use our bodies. Break it up by getting up and moving around every hour or so during your study sessions. You might want to go for a walk around the block or just do some star jumps in your bedroom - whatever floats your boat.

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3. Diet.

When time is tight, the brain automatically jumps to all foods fast and frozen. Even though these foods are easy to prepare and often delicious, they aren’t doing our bodies any favours. Our diet should be nutritious - a good starting point is to drink lots of water, eat lots of fruit and veggies and go easy on the super processed foods.


4. Monitor intake of caffeine and other substances.

One coffee is fine, but try to avoid drinking so many you can’t sit still. If you’re using coffee or any other substances to help you cope, it could mean that you haven’t managed your time as effectively as possible. In order to avoid any study all-nighters, write an ace study timetable and make sure you factor in time to relax.

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5. Relax.

Exams are exhausting for us mentally, but they can also take their toll physically. Take a short break once an hour, and also allow for a longer chunk of relaxation time every day so that your body can rest and recuperate. If you're having trouble slowing down, try ReachOut's great mobile app, Breathe.

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Last reviewed: 09 October, 2015
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  • benjamin_    (808 days ago)

    The coffee point really hits home for me lol. I always do coffee while studying but I do find that if I have too much my ability to focus is impaired.

  • KitKat    (809 days ago)

    Studying is all well and good, but it definitely doesn't help if you're destroying yourself while doing it. I think this article is a really good reminder for looking after ourselves. I have to admit, number 3 is one I'm going to have to start paying attention to when I study! My "study snacks" are normally chocolate and chips, opps!

  • mimosquito13    (817 days ago)

    Simple but crucial habits! Especially the sleep. It's great that sleep is put as number one in this post.

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