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As a first step, we’ve answered some common questions here. If we haven’t answered your question, you can get in touch with us through the form below.

  • School assignments: While we'd really like to be able to help you with your school assignment, as a small team we aren't able to at the moment. If you need info for a school assignment, check out the FAQ section.

  • Job opportunities & internships: Check out the Join the team page for vacant positions.

  • Research projects: Check out this page for more detail on advertising your research project on ReachOut.

  • Ordering merchandise: If you'd like to order promotional merchandise or collateral, you can check out what's available and place your orders through our shop.

  • Media enquiries: If you are journalist who would like to get in touch with our media team, please email

One more thing: Unfortunately we cannot provide support for mental health difficulties through this form. If you want to chat to other young people going through similar things, jump on our community forums. If you need online counselling support, check out our urgent help section for more information and relevant services.

For more info about ReachOut Australia, our address and contact details, check out our About page. Can't find what you're looking for? Fill in the contact form.


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