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Every year people travel from far and wide to attend the Yabun Festival on January 26. Yabun is the largest gathering of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures in Australia, held upon the traditional lands of the Gadigal people in Sydney.

With live music, stalls and traditional cultural performances, Yabun honours the survival of the world's oldest living culture.

The ReachOut team hit up Yabun to chat to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people about the strength of their cultures.

We came to celebrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture...our strengths are in our connectedness, our community, our families, and our country.

Some of the things that these Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are celebrating and recognising at Yabun include their:

  • family ties and strength in connectedness, communities and country
  • connection to Land and people.
  • strength of resilience over the years.
  • culture and pride in culture, through dance, music and storytelling.

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