How Jasmine dealt with anxiety and depression in high school

Jasmine shares how she managed her anxiety and depression while she was in high school, through tools and help including ReachOut.

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It was a massive release for me to find [ReachOut] and find that [depression and anxiety] was normal and it happens to other people, people like me.

Some things that helped Jasmine when she was dealing with depression and anxiety in high school include:

  • friends and teachers she trusted reaching out to her and asking whether she was okay

  • reading ReachOut resources about depression and anxiety, which helped her understand what she was going through

  • realising what she was going through is normal and happens to so many young people

  • getting on the ReachOut Forums and connecting with other young people.

What can I do now?

  • Want to chat with a peer worker who can listen and support you? Book a free, text-based session with ReachOut PeerChat here.