Ways to Relax: Simulations

Escaping reality for a few minutes can be a great way to improve your mood. Simulations let you immerse yourself in an activity or a new world, from the comfort of your computer. Being engaged and present in what you’re doing is a form of mindfulness. You’re also giving yourself the best chance at returning to a task and getting sh*t done, after you’ve refreshed your mind.


Image of artwork created on weavesilk.com. The artwork features colourful wiggly lines crossing over each other to create a hypnotic pattern.

Sometimes you might want to do more than just watch animations. Silk is an online app that lets you design your own simple, simulated images just by clicking. With a phone app also available, it’s a fantastic tool to have in your pocket for de-stressing wherever you are.

This is Sand

sand art

This is Sand is another online app that lets you make cool designs with simulated sand. With this app, you can design any kind of abstract work by clicking to drop coloured sand, and slowly build up your own image.

The Secret Door

view of snowy landscape with penguins on rocks

The Secret Door uses Google Maps to drop you through a 'secret door', into a random place around the world. It focuses on hidden gems, showing you the most wonderful and random places. For the explorer in you, this is a great way to immerse yourself in the unknown. You never know what you'll find!

What can I do now?

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