Why Queer Eye is so good for your mental health

We’re super excited because the fifth season of Netflix’s fabulous Queer Eye has dropped. To celebrate being reunited with our besties Antoni, Tan, Karamo, Bobby and Jonathan, here are some reasons why Queer Eye is good for your mental health.

Queer Eye season 4

Self-care for the win

The Fab Five know how to take care of themselves, inside and out – and want everyone to learn how to do it for themselves. Whether it’s a good skincare routine, eating healthy food, dressing well or keeping your space tight, there’s nothing more important than making yourself a priority. The biggest thing the Queer Eye team preach is self-care and how important it is to make a little time for yourself every day.

Get outta that rut

Every Regular Joe who gets the Queer Eye treatment is stuck in a rut. It might be with their career, their love life, or just that they live in a stinky, messy apartment. But when the Fab Five breezes in and gives them a makeover, suddenly everything changes. Suddenly, they’re able to come out to their loved ones, tell that someone special how they feel, or share a different side of themselves with their friends - all because of the confidence the Fab Five helped them rediscover. Sometimes, when we’re mentally in a rut, we let other areas of our life slide. Taking the time to care for our physical appearance and surroundings can have super positive effects on our sense of wellbeing.

You do you

They’ve given makeovers to everyone from Jonathan’s old music teacher Kathi Dooley to Mayor Ted, from cancer survivor Mama Tammye to trans man Skyler. But no matter who they meet, each episode the team celebrates what makes that person unique. The Fab Five have taught us that there’s nothing better than being proud of our individuality.

Kindness makes the world go ‘round

We love the Fab Five because, no matter what situation they’re in, they approach it with an open mind. Karamo facilitated a meeting between Wesley and the man who shot him, Bobby confronted his fears about religion with Mama Tammye; and Tan learned more about transphobia from Skyler. They prove that it’s cool to be kind, that honest communication is super important, and that seeing the best in people will never go out of style.

Enjoy the journey

Being the best version of yourself isn’t something that happens magically overnight. The Queer Eye crew always give their guests tools to keep growing, learning and taking care of themselves. Being our best selves is a lifelong journey, and as the Fab Five remind us, it’s never too late to change things for the better.

Thanks for the memories

Queer Eye is never about shoving the bad stuff under a rug, or dressing pain up in a pretty turtleneck – it’s about acknowledging and growing from ALL our experiences. None of us would be where we are without what we’ve been through – and surviving tough times should be celebrated. We love that the Fab Five stress the importance of learning from the past.

Bring on season 5!

What can I do now?

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