All about feeling crap

Crap moods. Everyone has them, but they’re not always easy to understand. There are different types of bad moods, and they can happen for different reasons, so learn about the feelings associated with feeling crap, and get strategies for getting through tough times.

This can help if:

  • You're feeling sad a lot
  • You're not feeling yourself
  • Things don't seem to be going right

What does 'feeling crap' mean?

Most people experience times when they are in a crap mood, though exactly what a crap mood feels like, and how extreme it is, can change. If you’re feeling crap it could mean you’re feeling:

  • Sad
  • Down
  • Stressed
  • Fed up
  • Angry

Feeling like this usually passes, but identifying the things that are contributing to the feeling can really help you to deal with it. Feeling crap could be caused by one singular thing, or they could be a result of a combination of factors. Common reasons for feeling low usually involve:

  • Psychological factors
  • Social circumstances
  • Physical causes

Signs of a low mood

  • Being withdrawn
  • Lashing out
  • Crying or become emotional
  • Losing interest in activities
  • Having changed sleeping patterns
  • Experiencing a change in appetite

If you’re experiencing a crap mood, you might find yourself acting in all or some of these ways. It’s not exactly enjoyable, but there are things you can do about it.

What to do about a low mood

Feeling crap can be really hard to deal with sometimes, but managing it is definitely possible. There are two main things people can do to try and deal with their crap mood.

Develop positive strategies to help you cope with feeling crap. These could include:

  • Writing about how you’re feeling 
  • Sticking to your routine
  • Planning things and setting goals. Making yourself get out and do things has been proven to lift moods
  • Looking after your physical health e.g. making sure you’re sleeping, exercising and eating well
  • Trying something new e.g. something that you can gain new skills from or that you think you’ll find entertaining, fun, or challenging

Work out the cause of your crap mood. If you know the reason that you’re feeling down, you can take control of the feeling. This means that you can work on developing positive strategies that could solve the problem.

Sometimes it doesn’t matter what we try, a crap mood won’t go away. It could be a sign that something more is going on. Read more about always being sad to understand when sadness becomes a problem.

What can I do now?

  • Organise to catch up with your mates, even if you don’t feel like it.
  • Write down reasons you might be feeling crap to get some perspective.
  • Practice relaxation.
Last reviewed: 25 November, 2015
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  • m-y93    (1092 days ago)

    Hey fufu and Bee89 how are you both going? Hope everything is going well. What have you found works for you to improve your mood and the loneliness? It can be helpful for others experiencing the same situation.

    Thank you for sharing

  • Slartybartfast    (1098 days ago)

    Hey fufu

    Sounds like you're having a lousy time there. I work away a lot from home and it gets pretty lonely by myself, so I know what you feel like. Do you have interests or hobbies or sports you like? If so, why not join some new clubs that specialise in those hobbies or interests. You will be doing something you love to do, you'll feel better and you will start to attract new people into you life. Why not give it a try? All the best to you :)

  • Sophie-RO    (1119 days ago)

    Hi Bee89 - sounds like a really confusing & unhappy time and it probably would be a good idea to chat it through with someone. One way you could start this process is to talk online with eHeadspace, I'll leave the link at the end of this comment. You can explain to them what has been going on (you could even cut & paste what you have written here) and then figure out with them what to do next. It's really great that you've taken this step towards help & figuring this out. Keep on that path of looking for the right help for you and you will find it - there are lots of options and types of help available. Feel free to come over to our forums if you ant to catch with others who have been there before... Let us know how you go.

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